What is your favorite APHND song?

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Yup.....Die Alone
they are all awesome, just got the cd and the cd effing rocks!!!
After listening to this album over and over, I can honestly say that my favorite songS (plural) are As Black As My Heart (still), Bad Dream, Cracks In The Walls, When Crows Descend Upon You, and Die Alone.

So far, it's "Die Alone" - but we'll see once I get to digest the whole CD!

at first was Die Alone, but now i cant choose...

i just repeat the whole album all day...

Die Alone and To Die In Your Arms!!
still Serial Killer!!!
DOIN  105 across the state line, I cant get caught or I do some time....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....killer song man...
Don't make me choose, I LOVE it all! Ride On!
Cracks In The Walls, hands down!


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