I have seen Metallica 6 times

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I have seen Life Of Agony twice, and Keith Caputo with The Sad Eyed Ladies twice, and I have also seen Deathstars twice.
wow an interesting list...I started going to concerts and festivals around the age of 12 so it's fun to think back a bit.

so just a couple of the top of my head:
Bon Jovi
Iggy Pop
Faith No More

and of course The Sisters of Mercy and Type O Negative.

it's really too bad I can't remember more for now..uhm
I have seen AIC and Adema 6 times. I've seen Type O Negative 5 times. There are a bunch of other bands that I've seen 2 or 3 times.
ive seen TYPE O (13 times), LOA (4 times), DANZIG (6 times), HELMET (6 times)
hold on for comment..........sommin messed up......sorry
pink floyd, ToOlies , ToNnies, mad season, tea party, prolly some others. I never really went to shows just partied with dudes so i hate to say I like some bands & thier cool peeps but I never seen a show same with pink floyd 1st time I was there but.... 2nd I seen more of the show.......same with mad season....prolly in a normal way would only be ToOlies & ToNnies recently since '07
I have seen KORN 9 times.SWEET
The most memorable shows;
Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind, Powerslave (2X), Somewhere in Time, Seventh Son, X Factor and Final Frontier.
Metallica: Lightening, Justice and St. Anger:
Scorpions: Love At First Sting (3X), Eye to Eye.
AC/DC: For Those About to Rock, Flick of the Switch.
Accept: Metal Heart (2X), Russian Roulette, Eat the Heat, Objection Overruled.
Megadeth: Peace Sells, So Far So Good, Rust in Peace
Anthrax: Among the Living, State of Euphoria, White Noise and Stomp 442
And a few others I know I saw at least two times.
LIzzy Borden, Fastway, Saxon, Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas Priest. Dio, Rough Cutt, Laaz Rockit, Mr. Big.
Kiss 3x and Motley 2x
Seventh Void, three times. 10/22/09 @ Nokia Theater opening for Type O Negative, 03/12/10 in Poughkeepsie, 06/18/10 @ Nokia Theater opening for Danzig.

Porcupine Tree, two times. 09/24/09 @ Terminal 5, 09/23/10 @ Radio City.


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