I have seen Metallica 6 times

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i think

Metallica, Antrhax,Megadeth, Slayer, Alice in Chains and Alice Cooper twice, Opeth, Paradise Lost 3 times, Cyinc 4 times

There's too many to mention but highlights are The Haunted 8x, In Flames 19x, Soilwork 4x, Monster Magnet 3x, AC/DC 2x (one with Bon Scott), Scorpions 2x (first metal gig in '79) Slayer 5x, Opeth 3x  Rob Zombie 2x plus DevilDriver Machine Head, Rammstein, UFO, Soundgarden and Lamb of God
Too many to list but I've seen The Cure 8 times, Type 0 5 times, Slayer 5 times.  I'm also an 80's metal fan and have seen countless 80's metal bands numerous times.

Back in they day I had a friend who had a ticket business, so I used to go to concerts pretty much every weekend.  Can't even remember half of them at this point, but the one's I do remember...


Billy Idol 3x's

Queensryche 5x's...even flew to Denver to see them twice

Guns N Roses 3x's

Metallica 3x's

TON 3x's

Seventh Void 5x's

Dream Theater 5x's

and a bunch of other's

I've seen KISS somewhere between 20 and 30 times. I've stopped trying to count! ;-) Others I've seen twice or thrice but I think the KISS shows are probably the "collection" that matters most. . .


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