I've already got my fix of APHND merch, has anyone got any vintage Type O merch lying around?

I've already got the 1993 Bloody Kisses shirt and in particular I'm looking for the Christian Woman longsleeve in XL or Lords of Flatbush tee in XL. Post em if ya got em


Rest In Power Pete Steele

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My wife got me this yesterday on vinyl.   Super excited!!!!
And of course, the pictures would post sideways.  Damnit!
Oh boy, I've got some serious vintage shit from Type O. Just give me some time and I will make some pics and post them. More jealous stuff coming up ; D

and for the record the above post was by Constantin and not moi. kitty out.


Awesome shit Ross. I always loved the Bloody Kisses LP! Alas mine is not vintage but the remake classic wax 180 gram blablabla...


Nevertheless I have some Type O shit collected throughout the years. I will not spam you guys, by showing all the crap I collected, but the nicy stuffies only. Here we go :


This is still one my favorite Type O posters, the semi-lesbian goth chicks in close encounter.



I have some LP's as well, Slow, Deep & Hard and Origin of the Feces (classic and uncensored).



Now the cool thing about the Origin album is actually the inner sleeve. Behold the Feces!


Then the Bloody Kisses album:



Following by the October Rust picture disk (only picture disk to be released by Type O under licence)



Then the standard version of October Rust and Dead Again:



... and the Red Again ; )


I still have a TON of little gadgets as well, t-shirt, buttons, sticker etc etc but I show just some of the stuffies I like most.


I got this Type O dog chain years ago from a friend of mine...



Some patches but the Vinnland and Brothers in Blood is on my tour jacket:



A buckle belt and some of my vintage t-shirts :




Man, Constantine, you've got some really nice TON swag. I love the shirt with the hammergears going down the sleeve.

Also, is it just me or are you posing like Peter in that picture with Matt?

Sell me one of those longsleeves! Really nice

@Brent ; Hell yeah! It wasn't meant that way but it came out that way ; ) Matt is a real cool guy, we had a good chat about music and creating music, the music business, working together with "meatballs" (aka Sal). Love to see him again.


@Will; Sorry, longsleeves are not for sale ; ) Most of them are not to be found anywhere nowadays. My testament clearly statesthat the shirts will be cremated with my undead body ; P

no it won't. I will inherit it. kthanksbye

Remind me to bleech the shit out of the shirts this weekend. I will use them to clean the car-engine ; P


And on a short note, don't forget this merch thingie => Vinnland flag!




Salute the goddamn flag!




Yes, we have a crappy taste in bands. We are suckers and leeches when it comes down to Type O ; )
Sziamiau said:

no it won't. I will inherit it. kthanksbye


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