Anyone else goin to Manchester/ Wrexham/ London? Would be great to meet fellow fanatics :) cant wait for the shows

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I am going to all the shows next week I can't say how much I've waited for this. Long time coming if you want to know the truth!

hehe me too ive been waiting for a year. whats your name, il say hi if i see you, or should i address you as dredmann :)

Dredmann Dred Chris it don't matter :-)

cool, are you travelling far for the gigs?

I don't live too far from Manchester just a 20 minute train ride away. Will be driving to Wrwxham and Wolverhampton and train to London and staying overnight.

im will be at the london gig with a mate

chris think you were standing in front of us at the london gig you were in front of the wall by the bar 

I wish I'd have known about that. Would've been good to meet up with fellow fans.


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