The Effects of Post-English Goth on the Economic Factors of Making a Music Video BND 600

My thesis shall be thusly titled in respect to my research on such bands like Sisters of Mercy, Feilds of the Nephlim, Genitorturers, Misfits, Type O Negative, GG Allen, and A Pale Horse Named Death.

 Thesis statement:

Turns out that Falling over Backwards has a more mature attitude than most other pop-Cali-glam-goth bands.  In their video, which had an estimated production budget of over 300,000, the singer goes through situations involving the CA legal system, which depict his experiences through jail and court.  Although, unrealistically (actually completely realistically) filled with hot women, Rodger Wrathchild, gets hardcore hit on by every lady he meets, including the judge, the lawyer, and other model-looking women.

If in fact, it costs 300,000 to make a video that includes this many women to (always) pay to swoon over a rockstar, it should be relatively sufficient to pay one or two really hot chicks to perform somehow on a track like "Bad Dream" or "And Hell Will follow Me" without having to involve anyone from England.

Discussions will include results using the T-model method of organizing statistical data collected from hot chicks, and randomness about the English royal family from 1600.  

Seriously, though... A video would be great.  No carpets.. I'm still rolling through "Once I left the den to find my throw rug was gone" whenever I practice yelling at cars while walking everywhere.



PS:  Please no one start a nasty fight with me.  Wanting to do it again after paying royalties I a true player, but mostly the nastiness I got from people who don't speak Connecticut is why I took down the Type O-rockabilly page.  "I should rip of your arms and shove them down your throat" is a Cannibal Corpse song... not something to say to freak a guy out after getting smacked by a car. 

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Take down the nude. You are in violation of your user agreement. If you dont have it down tomorrow you will be removed from the site. Sorry, but rules are rules.

Ok. Just kidding about the pic.  You know what I'm trying to do.  

It's already down, but you got to admit, she was pretty hot.

Andrew, it was taken down. Try to have a little self restraint and not pour salt in a wound that has already healed. Ok? Knowing your histroy with Bryan, might it be wiser to not flame an already put out fire?

ok man i'll take it down sorry derek.

your data is gonna be biased depending on the performance of said bands hehe. for what degree is this for?


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