Many, many thanks to everyone who came out to support and holler last night and to those who came to capture the show with video/still cameras/audio devices.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Big props to Tommy, Mike and Alan for the helping hands with my bass rig and in general and to the Starland and Monster Magnet crew for being mad cool.

Of course, props to my fellow bandmates for holding it down and kicking ass.

Made for a fun, smooth sailing show.

See you all soon!


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UK, UK, UK!! i want some awesome pics and vids of my own :D
Eric welcome to APHND. Congratulations on the show..hearing only good things. We look forward to seeing/meeting you in the summer!

Thanks for the notes, guys. 

Can't wait to get over there and tear it up.

Be well.


man, that show looked like alot of fun! i hate it when i miss out on the fun things!
Welcome mystery guest! Good to hear you had a good time at the show with the gang. Hope to see you guys soon in August in Europe. Make sure you are thirsty, we are going to cover you guys with beer.

I was a great show, Ali...felt good to be up there with the guys.  The energy was contagious.

I'll definitely take you up on that beer Constantin, but AFTER we play.  Have to be on point!



I get the feeling that there's going to be a lot of shows played on the East Coast, and us poor West Coasters are going to be left wanting. Hopefully you'll get enough people to chime up from over on this side of the continent to persuade you to wander on over here. Would be great to see the band live.

I hope we can get on over there, as well, Adam.  Believe you me.

We'd love to play for our West Coast peeps.


Is it too wild to ever dream that we can see acts other than U2 here in Cape Town, South Africa? **grins**

For now I shall enjoy the band vicariously through YouTube until such time that I can fly to the States.

I'd love to play Cape Town.

That would be a trip...especially if we played with U2.

APHND and U2......that would be something! LOL!  Maybe Key$ha can open up.  WOO HOO! PARTY!!!


I will admit to liking "some" old U2 songs.  Can't hate on them too much

We've brought some bands out off our own bat but then it's usually been quite rough... (no limos...) The dude from Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Entombed and Sheep on Drugs all came down for a working "holiday". Our alternative scene's small but kicking. But I can dream, can't I? I'm sure I could arrange sponsorship for accommodation and venue et al. If APHND could make it down here. Heh!


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