The band was just brought up in another thread about a bucket list of bands to see. do you guys like the music? I have been a huge fan for a long time now..since I was a young kitten. Gotta say that the gigs this year have been the best so far....then again I only saw them the first time in 2006 so didn't see them in the 80's. We will try to sneak in another gig this year they fucking rock. Turned the Catnip onto the band:)

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Cool pics! I always see on the photos from the Sisters live shows the guy in the leather jacket with the words "JESUS LOVES THE SISTERS" at the back :) Don't know if You've already seen the interview with Ben and Chris regarding the Sonisphere:
Great band.  Been into them almost as long as Type O.  Saw them when they played San Diego a few years ago.  They need to release a new album.
This year is a 20th anniversary of the premiere of the last studio album from Sisters called "Vision Thing".
I think they still have a lot of time :)


DJ Aeon said:

>>> They need to release a new album.

By the way - don't think, that Poland is some country where all possible biographies are released (regarding the TON-bio which I wrote in a TON-topic), but does anybody know about the HEARTLAND from Andrew J. Pinell which is a great Sisters-story? I've got it, love it and as You can see during last 20 years I read it few times, what proves the condition of it: 


no I haven't heard of that thanks for posting it. yeah I don't think Von is planning to come out with the new album although there are plenty of new songs and they fucking rock. His expectations from the labels are a bit high (among others) Was it Chris or Ben saying that "there aren't any plans to not release a new album"...heheh so I guess there is hope
Blast from the past.  I saw them live in about '91 I think. Haven't thought about them in years. Off to go listen.

Big Fan me sen.

Haven't seen them live yet.

Was only 7 when they really kicked off in '85.

You do the math.

Have most of there stuff tho.

Are they touring with @APHND?

Thank you , please.

so we are the same age. no, they are not touring with APHND. go and check them out while you can

I was NINE (WHILE NINE) those dayz :)


I was too;)

Sziamiau said:
so we are the same age. no, they are not touring with APHND. go and check them out while you can


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