The band was just brought up in another thread about a bucket list of bands to see. do you guys like the music? I have been a huge fan for a long time now..since I was a young kitten. Gotta say that the gigs this year have been the best so far....then again I only saw them the first time in 2006 so didn't see them in the 80's. We will try to sneak in another gig this year they fucking rock. Turned the Catnip onto the band:)

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You know, I never heard of them until I saw people mentioning them on

I gave them a listen a while back. I really like the songs Black Planet and Walk Away.

they are on tour this year..the anniversary tour. we saw them in Tilburg and then flew to Hungary to see them on A38 ship which is an old ukrainian stone carrier ship, a fucking awesome venue. now that would be really cool for APHND and 7V.

anyways here are the dates if anyone wants to make it to the gigs:

26/07/2011 - Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
29/07/2011 - Fuji Rock Festival, Naeba Ski Resort, Niigata Prefecture, Japan
02/09/2011 - Crammerock Festival, Groeneputte-Stekene, Belgium
22/09/2011 - The Powerstation, Auckland, New Zealand
24/09/2011 - Soundwave Revolution, Brisbane, Australia
25/09/2011 - Soundwave Revolution, Sydney, Australia
30/09/2011 - Soundwave Revolution, Melbourne, Australia
01/10/2011 - Soundwave Revolution, Adelaide, Australia
03/10/2011 - Soundwave Revolution, Perth, Australia
11/11/2011 - Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
13/11/2011 - Roundhouse, London
15/11/2011 - USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway
16/11/2011 - Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
18/11/2011 - Brewhouse, Gothenburg, Sweden
19/11/2011 - Mejeriet, Lund (near Malmö), Sweden
20/11/2011 - Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden
23/11/2011 - X-Tra, Zurich, Switzerland
24/11/2011 - Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland

hoping they still add some dates. will post some pics later

Sziamiau forced me to listen to them and I must say, one hell of a band. I can remember that Peter Steele once claimed that he liked Sisters quite a lot.


Their live setup is quite interesting as well. Singer, dj and 2 guitar players that blow you away. Amazing shit and a must-see-before-dying.

and the announcement just came yesterday, The Sisters is headling Amphi fest in Cologne in 2012:) happy cat on the premises, yes

Sweet Little SISTERS OF MERCY- been a big fan since high school, saw them twice in my hometown (2006 & 2009), Ben & Chris are Guitar-Killers, hoping to see Andrew & Co. in 2012, again...

cool pics but why only 2012? They announced two more gigs in France, two in Spain, Barca and Madrid..soo maybe more coming up. we are considering Barca now as I rather see them in a club then at a festival in the middle of fucking nowhere
never really got into the Sisters, but definitely would give them another listen
they confirmed two gigs in NL now so we are going to be heading to Utrecht on Dec 2nd. I feel better now as we have the tickets. Soundwave cancelled the festival so Australia and NZ is postponed

Sisters don't go to Australia? So maybe they will tour thru europe instead...


Mike: check out the SLIGHT CASE OF OVERBOMBING VOL. 1 - album (btw - there's no VOL. 2 - it's just an another example of sarcastic sense of humour of Andrew Eldritch ) - this is the essence of Sisters, including all the old and even older hits... Great one! I'd love to see them live for the third time.

yeah Soundwave cancelled cause apparently the second headliner pulled out and it's not really worth for them to fly over to New Zealand for one gig...they have enough fans down there so I hope they can reschedule.

there are some additional european dates already other then the ones above (not necessary confirmed yet by the band):

26/11/2011 - Razzmataz 1, Barcelona, Spain

27/11/2011 - La Riviera, Madrid, Spain

29/11/2011 - La Cooperative De Mai, Clermont-Ferrant, France

30/11/2011 - Le Bikini, Toulouse, France

02/12/2011 - Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands

03/12/2011 - Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands


21-22/07/2012 - Amphi Festival, Cologne, Germany

This are some pics from the Sister Of Mercy gig in Budapest. It was rrrrrrwaaaking!! Below is ego with guitar player from Sisters. Hope to see them soon again in Holland!!


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