Come on boyz give us some etc. we are anxious to hear what's happening:)

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I saw some updates on Facebook, but I really hope they will add a nice tour overview and some pics ; ) Seems that Eric is having a blasting time! Well, we going to see the guys tomorrow and we will spam their ass off ; )

yeah posted this question before the updates...but yeah we should get live updates tonight:)

OW YEAH KITZY MAU! OMG tonight we going to blast the casbah with the guys. Hope we get a grip on them. Looking forward to make many pics and write a nice tour report like we always did for Type O : )))


ps. Can you smell the beer already!! FUCK I'M THIRSTY!!! *drool*





*farts again*



*slips over drool*

FYI I am nor really related to the person above....yet? heh

We are leaving now!! Wish us well on the route to Cologn. We will follow the smell so we know where to find the guys. It's going to be blasting! Full report and pictures will follow soon!!! Cologn, prepared to be mounted ; )



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