Theoretically speaking, let's say you go to an APHND show and you get a chance to sit down with Sal and Johnny, the only two drummers for Type O and two current members of AHPND.  They have time for one beer, one shot, and one question.  Now, what beer do you drink, what question do you ask, and what shot do you order for you and the guys?

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Chili beer?  Now I'm interested.
It's a gimmicky kind of beer, but I like it. It has a hot chili pepper in the bottle, so you drink it and the heat from the pepper and the cooling of the beer make your mouth go "wtf?"
Ok, now THAT is something I'm going to look into!  It sounds like that Jalapeno ice cream stuff.
But chili burns worse when it comes into contact with water... Chili ice cream is one thing 'cos the dairy will make it less of a burn... but the few times I've tried to quench fire with beer have not been pretty... Or rather my companions at the table were vastly amused.
Exactly, Nerine. So before you know it the whole 6 pack is gone and you're feeling mighty good, even though your mouth is on fire.
And later... when you go to the loo? **giggles**
I could only imagine how horrible it would be to get sick off that stuff.  EW!
The mind boggles. I think it's safer to stick to the odd apple ciders or red wine. I've had far too many "interesting" alcohol experiences in my 32-odd years.

Well after having a conversation about sushi and Sake with Eric, I think I will change my answer! LOL! 


I'm really going to look at all the new types of drinks that have been mentioned on here.  I'm sick of the same stuff over and over again. 

Nectar IPA, Black Tooth Grin, and I would ask what's in the future for APHND and Seventh Void and when they're coming back.


Also, I consider myself a beer connoisseur, but I really love the taste of hops so Nectar IPA is kind of my "go to" beer.

I has kind of a flowery hop aroma and middle caramel malt presence to bring balance to the high hop bitterness.

To all you hop lovers: find it, try it, love it.


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