Theoretically speaking, let's say you go to an APHND show and you get a chance to sit down with Sal and Johnny, the only two drummers for Type O and two current members of AHPND.  They have time for one beer, one shot, and one question.  Now, what beer do you drink, what question do you ask, and what shot do you order for you and the guys?

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hey Leslie I might have to try Strega sometimes..uhm...
I was actually thinking about going to Little Rock to get some of these, and I did some Google research and a few places have came up.  I'm going to try the store to the link you put on here and see what they can do.  I don't ever get really ripped drunk anymore, but I do like to have a bottle of something to sip on when the mood strikes.  Thanks for all the help.  Hopefully I will be able to get a hold of some of these in the near future and post my thoughts on them.
So I looked into it, and I can actually get Stega and Old Overholt delivered to my local liquor store (helps to know the girl that works the counter!).  Looking forward to trying it, and keeping a bottle on reserve in case APHND every comes this way!
Any beer? Okay, if this were Cape Town, I'd offer them each a Windhoek Lager, a shot of Jagermeister then ask them... Erm. Dunno. Knowing me I'd probably talk their ears off. But perhaps I'd ask them what their most oddest anecdotes from life on the road. I love hear about backstage pranking.
Windhoek?  That's a new one for me.  One more drink to check out on my drunken voyage!  And you can never go wrong with Jager.  EVER!

Namibian Breweries. It's probably one of the few local beers I'll drink. Can't stand South African Breweries beer, though I'll drink Amstel if there's nothing else going. Black Label equals instant hangover. Can't believe I used to down 6-8 of those in a night. But we've got some awesome indie breweries here in South Africa. Forresters, Paulaner Brauhaus in the V&A Waterfront, Birkenhead, Jack Black... and my favourite: the Two Goats Deli and Brewery in Nieu Bethesda in the Eastern Cape. They only do 9 000 liters a year. 

But I had to slow down on the beer when I started getting rugby player arms about two years ago and it's taken me two years of starving to get back to a decent weight again, since I'm probably going to start gigging again in a year or two.

I miss the rare imports.  You just made my mouth water.  Seriously, I'm stuck in the south and American beer sucks in my opinion.  It's the same everywhere.  Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, and MAYBE Heinekin.  You have to go to special stores just to find a good import around here.  So neglected...
A friend of mine recently spent some time in NYC and he said he was blown away by the variety of micro-brewed beer he encountered. Seriously, I love supporting the smaller guys. Would rather drink less but better quality. I discovered an awesome **real** apple cider producer a while back. The stuff we get in the shops is essentially unflavoured beer sans the hops but with an apple ester. They don't even USE apples in Savanna, as we call this particular brew.
I would imagine in bigger cities like NYC and such, there is a better selection.  The southern USA is like the ghetto of the country.  Every stereotype is true and the beer selection blows!
Brew your own? Seriously. If I could support myself financially from my writing and editing, I'd be making my own absinthe and mead.
I would love to brew my own, but there are very weird laws about micobrewing down here due to years and years of people making moonshine.  You can make your own wine, but in order to make beer, you can't make over a certain amount or you get fined for trying to distribute.  And liquor is a no-no.  It's odd.
Cave Creek Chili beer, "How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?", and a shot of Absolut.


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