I don't know if you guys know about this, but there is a facebook page called Peters Tree. They have been collecting donations for about a year to get a tree planted in Pete Steeles memory. Well today, thier work payed off. This morning, an oak tree was planted in Prospect Park, in Brooklyn. There are pictures on the page, here- http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=199884000092435&am...

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This has been something that's been a long time in the making.  A lot of fans took it upon themselves to do something special for Peter.  It is something that is in the true spirit of what Peter was about and who he was.  This, Peter truly would've appreciated.

Thank you Derek, for posting the pic. I tried several times, but I'm a bit technologically challenged.

 I agree, Johnny. I can't help but thinking that somewhere, he's smiling about this. He touched more lives than I think he ever knew or even suspected. But music does that, it gets into a persons soul- especially music written with such raw emotion.  Not long after Pete left this world, his family started a blog called  For The Love Of Pete Steele. It was a way for them to talk about thier lives with Pete. I'm not sure they quite expected so many fans to join it, or the outpouring of genuine feeling people had for thier brother. But they often thanked the fans for being there- for showing so much love, and for helping them make it through the grieving process. What I don't know if they realize is that through thier stories and experiences, they helped a lot of us get to know who Pete really was- from the practical jokes, to the addiction problems, to his love for his cats- and it helped us grieve with them.


 The point is, there's something different about TON fans- a lot of us feel more like part of the family than just the fans of a band( and all of its members). And that has carried on, for many of us, to APHND, Seventh Void, and all the other projects you guys have been involved in. It's very easy to picture ones self sitting down with any of you, and having a drink(or several), and just shooting the shit like old pals, and not the " OMG, I got so and so's autograph", jump up and down screaming, kind of fan. A lot of us identify with you guys on a much different level. For that, we are grateful- and loyal, and diehard.

I think it's a great thing to do. I could wish something like that for myself when I turn dead.


*note to Sziamiau ; Oak three please!*

Thats a great memory for pete, hopefully will get back to new york soon and visit this when im there!


What a touching thought to know that this tree will not only give shade in the summer, shelter from rain in autumn and something to lean on all year long – but maybe also someday a young girl or boy will be sitting beneath it, writing a song that will inspire other people. Probably not even knowing that it's Pete's tree and that they might have been touched by his spirit. I am not really a religious person, but I think one day I will have to go to Brooklyn and say my little prayer to and for Peter – right at his tree. Thank you for this lovely idea and making it come to life.

Very very cool!!!! Pictures look great!! Peter would have loved it!!!!

This is very cool! I contributed a long time ago and thought this idea got scrapped. So glad to see this finally happen! Peter would be touched and honored. I can't wait to visit the tree when we are there next. Prospect Park is beautiful. RIP Peter! You have really left your mark.

I'm one of those funny little old ladies who keeps giving people trees for birthday and Xmas gifts... LOL. I love that they've done this. I APPROVE.

 The facebook group has decided to take things a step further,now. So many new people have just recently joined the group, and want to do something more, that the woman who started it all is asking if everyone wants to go in and donate toward getting a memorial bench with Petes name on it placed there, too. It'll mean raising another $5000, but I have a feeling it won't take long.

That is so awesome and very a propos.
The Mighty Oak planted in a Mighty Man's honor.


The group now has over 1000 members, so if they do go for a bench, it'll cost less than $5 per person at this point. How amazing is that?


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