K well I made my appointment for my tattoo, In walked in to the tattoo shop near my place and told the guy to draw up the tattoo and told him the colors I wanted. he asked what it meant and so I told him the story, he knew about Type O but didnt know that Peter died. I then showed him the site and told him that while he is givin me my tattoo I want my CD playin. I will post the vid soon.. the respect love and support I will give this band will always be with me once I get this tat....

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Well said Johnny, well said...  Music goes beyond borders, languages, ethnicities, you name it- anyone can be connected.

Johnny Caputo said:
I am very serious about the bands I love that mean something to me, they have guided me through some very fucked up periods in my life, I just went through some shit recently and APHND was always there when I was alone and nobody around, and its a constant reminder for me that music is what connects us no matter where we are... thanks again guys and lets let the world know how great this band is... JC
Contemplation on getting some ink :P but i'm gonna draw up something different me thinks! 

I probably will after i get the type o one first
Johnny Caputo said:
How many others will get this tattoo...???????
I agree with Dredmann- would love to get the full horse from the album cover done- I think that would be amazing in ink. But,first I really need to get my TON/Pete tribute tat done. Music has been and always will be such a huge part of my life( I'm a total audiophile), I doubt I'll ever get anything inked that isn't music related, and at 48 years old, these are the first two I've ever WANTED to get.

From what I can see, the ink came out amazing!  

cool story i had a pale horse tatt done today heres a photo 

Very Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/

steve hill said:

cool story i had a pale horse tatt done today heres a photo 


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