K well I made my appointment for my tattoo, In walked in to the tattoo shop near my place and told the guy to draw up the tattoo and told him the colors I wanted. he asked what it meant and so I told him the story, he knew about Type O but didnt know that Peter died. I then showed him the site and told him that while he is givin me my tattoo I want my CD playin. I will post the vid soon.. the respect love and support I will give this band will always be with me once I get this tat....

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ok today at 2 pm I will be gettin the tattoo done.....Pics will be up soon, I asked the guy if I could vidy it but he said no....Pics are just as good....

Cheers, man.
I'm still blown away by the support of putting APHND on your body indelibly.
I'm sure we all are.

Good luck and Godspeed!


ah nice!
Let's hope the band doens't break up ; )

Johnny Caputo said:

thanks Eric, 

       I got The Tyoe O Logo on my left forearm and getting the APHND on my right....Glad you like the idea, have a god day and see ya in Toronto someday.......

Eric Morgan said:

Wow.  That's pretty heavy, Johnny.
We really appreciate the support!



even if they did break up the music they made would last forever just like the tattoo, Type O is gone but not forgotten, know what I mean?
saw your tat on facebook, really looks great Johnny.
^^ as Mike Said I saw the tattoo over on FB too badass or what!
I am very serious about the bands I love that mean something to me, they have guided me through some very fucked up periods in my life, I just went through some shit recently and APHND was always there when I was alone and nobody around, and its a constant reminder for me that music is what connects us no matter where we are... thanks again guys and lets let the world know how great this band is... JC

Cheers, Johnny.


Absolutely awesome!
My first was a Type O symbol as well;)

Mike Hastings said:
i definitely want to get a APHND tat, but i might wait awhile. i mean i waited until i was 30 to get my first tat and that was the TON symbol. not saying that i would wait that long but still.


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