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Looks like a nice collectible – but I'd really wish that some unreleased material would show up one day...

Thanks for the news anyway! :-)

Roadrunner Records will release a special Type O Negative vinyl box set exclusively via independent retailers on Black Friday, which lands on November 25 this year.

As the first band to achieve platinum status on the Roadrunner roster, Type O Negative didn't rewrite the rules. They simply tore the rule book up, burned what was left of it and did whatever the hell they wanted with the smoldering ash. The result was nothing short of brilliant, as they combined dirge-like doom with head down, gothy grooves, all the while retaining the sort of signature melody that made their songs utterly memorable, infesting your brain like a virus.

The vinyl box includes all Roadrunner released Type O Negative material. Each album will be issued on double green vinyl, with the album art recreated, including the controversial, rarely seen original cover of The Origin of the Feces. Type O fans know all about that cover and the anatomy which it features. Click here to see a possibly-NSFW photo of the box's full contents.

Each album will also have new, branded liner notes documenting the genesis and completion of each album.

An exclusive sticker sheet with six mini bumper stickers will also be included in this "must own" set for Type O Negative diehards. It's an instant collector's item.

The set includes the following releases:
Slow, Deep and Hard
The Origin of the Feces
Bloody Kisses
October Rust
World Coming Down
Life Is Killing Me

Said Type O drummer Johnny Kelly: “This looks great, but we’re disappointed that RR couldn’t get it together to do the scratch ‘n' sniff cover we wanted for The Origin Of The Feces.”

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I wanna know how much it will be


gonna be 140 dollars
That's around 100 Euros – quite a bit, but seems ok to me for what the box offers.
Would look cool to frame them all on the wall \m/
I think I know what I'm getting for Yule- evenif I have to bu it myself.
*SQUEE!* ....ahem....sorry...fangirl moment....
definitely something that i would love to get one day
Only between 1000-2000 will be made and from what i read only available in the us on record store day

1000 made (per Record Store Day website).  Regular price is $114.99.  I don't expect them to last too long.

Wish i wasnt in disney and could of got one. :'(


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