Is it considered appropriate to speculate on Sal's lyrics? I thought I would ask before doing so.

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Art is how the end user interprets no. Go ahead. I am sure Sal would love to read your speculation.
Thanks. I was listening to Serial Killer and I thought it was literal and the lyrics sound like a stalker-serial killer. Then the line, "I could be your serial killer," made me wonder if the lyrics are a metaphor for something else and not an actual serial killer. I know there are sounds at the end of digging, which makes me think the victim was being buried, but again, the refrain made me wonder if those lyrics are symbolic.
It's very up beat at any rate. I can definitely see this jammin' at the bars. And I LOVE that the number 23 is in there.
I also liked the No. 23 reference.
As symbolic as death
Thanks, Sal!
Serial Killer is the best song on the cd!
Also a good album!

Dody Annette Prince said:
Symbolic Death

Everytime I listen to the lyrics I judge Sal for what he says. Damn artists with their cheesy lyrics. Can somebody pass the potatoes? Or pass the gas? Words are cheap. Eat onions and be free! Free Vinnland!! Kill yourself right now!!!


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