If you had the chance to have a few drinks with the band what would they be?

I would order around of shots of Jameson and whatever they had on tap that is good.

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To be reeeeeeally evul, I'd order them some real South African mampoer.


Whatever the boys wanted. For myself? Whiskey and Dt. Coke. Hey I am a girl. ;)

Some Slivovica!


We used to make with my grandfather back home when I was a child. Plum brandy but it could take paint of a car!


I'd probably get some Berry Weiss and Woodchuck. Not super beertastic but I like them. Beats drinking Bud Light. The Bud Light with the lime isn't too bad but the regular is gross. You can only drink it cold.
Garlic knots ;)
@ Misha thats awesome.I would love to try that someday.Anything that can take the paint of the car has to to be a good drink.lol
@ MoGo  Yeah I have to agree Bud Light is nasty.
@ Carrie Nothing wrong with that.I drink Captain and coke.Not a big fan of diet.
@ Derek Garlic Knots and a shot of rum.lol That sounds good to me.You can always add Garlic Knots.Cant go wrong .
I had rum and coke (s) at the Starland gig, so I'll pick that.
@ Tempest I was drinking that all nite @ Starland and  some beers.
pina colada and shots of black absinthe!! with some good ol amphet sprinkled in XD


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