Did you discover APHND independently, or did you find them based on the members' other projects (Type O, Life of Agony, Uranium...)?


Type O has been my favorite band for 17 years, so any other projects by those guys automatically interested me.

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Through Seventh Void. Well, actually, I got to know Seventh Void through reading infos and articles about Type O and Peter Steele, his death a.s.o. – and then I came across APHND.

Ok, to be completely true with this: a friend texted me about the Seventh Void tour and the gig in Hamburg. She asked me if I'd like to come as well and told me about the "support act" APHND. So I looked them up, played some songs on youtube and – it just clicked. What a band! So in the end I was looking a bit more forward to seeing APHND rather than SV. ;-)

One of my boyfriend's friends told him about APHND and also about Seventh Void because we are all big Type O fans. My boyfriend told me and gave me the CDs. I was listening every time I drove my car and I liked it very much. A few weeks later APHND and SV started their tour in europe! I was very interested in how they will sound live and to cap it all I won tickets for the show in my hometown!

The show in Cologne was so fantastic and mindblowing, that I'm totally addicted now!

Through my Mom who brainwashed me with Type O music.
Your Mom definitely teaches you important and good values in life, Thierry! ;-)

Thierry Meijdam said:
Through my Mom who brainwashed me with Type O music.
I saw Sal with a guitar in his pic when I added him and said, ok this guy has a new band and just googled it and found APHND and its been all I have listened to since, I dnt think thre is a day that goes by where I am playing a Tyoe O, LOA or APHND song..... Sal has transformed himself into a well rounded musician and has done a remarkable job with everything he's done..
Definitely an awesome mom there;)

Thierry Meijdam said:
Through my Mom who brainwashed me with Type O music.
yeaaaaa, Go Mummy
so be always nice to your mom, she only wants the best for you! ;-)

Thierry Meijdam said:
Through my Mom who brainwashed me with Type O music.
moms know best...

I also found them through links to Peter and Type O...  I agree and relate DJ Aeon--  been listening to Sal play since the early 90's-- loved all Type O beyond words since then-- and following the guys in their continued paths.  I havn't been disappointed by what any of them have ventured into, and looking forward to so much more...!       Diana Sue


A friend of mine posted Die Alone off of youtube on Facebook a while ago. So curious as I am, I watched and listened and got goose bumps all over. Then, by a fortunate twist of fate another friend had an extra ticket for APHND and Seventh Void at Dynamo Eindhoven earlier this month so I could listen and see the rest of the album. I was blown away. TON has been one of my favorite bands since '95 so to see and hear Johnny Kelly and Kenny Hickey again was awesome!

I was out drinking in one of Dublins best metal/rock bars with some friends,  one of my friends starts eyeing up this girl! Him being drunk and having no shame what so ever (even when sober) swaggers up to her. The girl surprisingly doesn't tell him to go stick needles in his eyes and a conversation starts up..


Me standing a few feet away picks up that the girl is French! My buddy does like the French, but I also see her boyfriend... And him being a decent bf, intervenes. This 6foot 2" big German guy!! I was like "...fuuuuuuuuuuuuck... he's going to beat the crap out of my mate.."


Turns out the dude was LOVELY!!! so after far too many jokes from my friend about Germans and French and WWII. Really thought he was going to a smack but Marcel (the German guy....with a French name. that was one of the first jokes.) was just laughing away and making jokes about us Irish! :D 


Marcel was wearing Type-O shirt and i comment on Peter Steele be a HUGE loss to us. and he was like "Check out A Pale Horse Named Death man!!" i was waaaaaaay to drunk to remember that so i told my girl to remember from me lol


She reminded me. I checked it. And now i'm HOOKED. 



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