Did you discover APHND independently, or did you find them based on the members' other projects (Type O, Life of Agony, Uranium...)?


Type O has been my favorite band for 17 years, so any other projects by those guys automatically interested me.

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Stumbled upon you guys on Last.fm.

I thought your name sounded interesting and gave you a listen.

Only found out later that it was Sal singing.

I've been a TON freak since 1994 and followed them and every side project and stuff all along, just to be sure not to miss ANYTHING. And I think I heard of APHND first through myspace.... might have been something like Sal being in 'My mortality' asking people in a bulletin to check out his new project APHND.... Can't remember the details, but I can remember that it was LÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅVE at first *sight*.... with both APHND and Seventh Void...

Great story man! Thx for sharing. I passed it along to Sal just in case he doesn't see it here (he is busy on the next album)

sirius liquid metal, new music. Ordered a signed copy of the album asap.


I think it was the last show I saw Type O Negative October 29th in Milwaukee. Was with Johnny and he directed me to Sal for infor on his band. Matt was there as well since SV opened the show. Was an awesome night but sad since it was the LAST time I talked to Peter.

Facebook/ Youtube :) 

Followed Type O for ages. When Peter died, i followed interviews with Kenny and Johnny, to keep up with them. I don't know when, but i found it out on internet, i think in a interview with Sal. I live in the Netherlands, so i have te search very well, not many people know Type O here . (shame on them ...)

I love Type O Negative, so I noticed the news links and stories concerning APHND and was very happy to discover them.

I found this band when i was looking into Josh Silver and tryin to find out what hes been up to. Then found out about this band and boom the hammer fell and i am hooked. This band is great keep it going

A friend showed me both Type 0 Negative and A Pale Horse Named Death. I guess he found APHND via TON.

I found them threw type o negative 


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