Did you discover APHND independently, or did you find them based on the members' other projects (Type O, Life of Agony, Uranium...)?


Type O has been my favorite band for 17 years, so any other projects by those guys automatically interested me.

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What would be a world without Marcel ??? :)

BTW - this name ROCKZZZZ!

Marcel or APHND rocks? :P
My boyfriend left one of his cd's in my jeeps cd player,as usual, one day as i was driving to work. I left it in because the song sounded really good, it happened to be on serial killer .I wound up listening to the whole cd on the way to and back from work. When i got home i asked him who this band was and so from then on i became a fan of A pale horse named death :)
I follow Johnny Kelly & Kenny Hickey,so anything they do I follow!
   I logged onto YouTube one day, and APHND was listed under recommendations for me. It simply said" Because you watched Type O Negative World Coming Down". Been a fan ever since.
I just saw a message about them on blabbermouth and never heard of them so i listened a track Serial killer and was hooked
In the i think July issue of METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE
wikipedia... of all places.
I have a crapload of TON videos favorited on YouTube. One day I logged on and APHND Die Alone was on the recommended list.It wasn't even the best quality video(looks like it was done on someones cell phone), but I was impressed enough to go looking for others.
The story of your addiction to me? Interesting. *lol*

Katrin Brunckhorst said:

Oh, what a lovely memory :) i went to MONSTER MAGNET in December 2010 and guess who was supporting? Seventh Void. I heard some people yelling for Kenny & Johnny and Type O and i texted my friend (Malte ;)) for more information for he is really into Type O. He replied something like "where the hell are you and why am i not there?" ;)

Some months later i read an article about APHND and SV and the upcoming tour... no further explanations needed – they were great. And that's the story of my addiction to APHND – and Malte ;)


Looking forward to feb 1st in Hamburg – hell yeah :)

Ive heard about the band through "the metal bar" the only local metal show on New Zealand TV and the host talked about

the band .I have been a huge typo fan for years and was already listening to seventh void as well (actually i think i first heard bout them on the same show to) so i was really excited to hear this new band .

and i just got my "and hell will follow me" CD from amazon today  so its a good day! :-)





Although I did listen to some of Type O, I actually found out about these guys through the Music Choice metal channel. They were playing As Black As My Heart and I automatically felt a connection. It was about a month later that I found out the relation between the bands, haha.


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