Did you discover APHND independently, or did you find them based on the members' other projects (Type O, Life of Agony, Uranium...)?


Type O has been my favorite band for 17 years, so any other projects by those guys automatically interested me.

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I discovered APHND via Type O.
From a thread made at the official Type O Negative forum. I think Johnny may have made it.
search doom, saw your name in one random site i found, name seemed cool so went forth and searched, a few youtube songs later and Im hooked.

Through Facebook, it popped up as a suggestion for something. So I clicked and was surprised to see both Sal and Johnny playing in it (been a TON fan for over 16 years now) and dang, the music! Just what I needed.


There you go :)

I was searching for the details of the Seventh Void-Tour and then I made "WTF???" :)

"Sal has got a band"????

"He plays a guitar?????"

My first impression was - how Johnny and Matt handle 2 shows in 1 nite? :)


It's been a coincedence, because my friend lives in Chicago and she was so kind that she gave Your CD to uncle of my wife, who was JUST there and in 3 days time he brought it to me from Illinois to Cracow, Poland :)

That was probably the first APHND-CD in my country :) Waiting for the first APHND-show around!

i discovered them through a LOA site on Facebook, it said to check out this new band Sal is putting together and the rest is history.
Strangely they discovered me. I know it sounds stupid but I started folowing Seventh Void on twitter after seeing them support Monster Magnet and one of the first follow back was APHND. Not knowing anything about them I started following them, then found this website and joined, bought the album and there you have it.
Pretty much the same here. I grew up with Type O, LoA and Biohazard and indeed these have been my favourite bands in addition to Danzig, ´Tallica and (for a little while) GnR and Nirvana. I can honestly say that I have pretty much every record, bootleg, video and whatever else the guys have ever put out so naturally Amazon has a pretty good, i.e., spot on profile of me and it took like 5 seconds following the release of this record that I was notified and I pressed the one-click-buy button. Kinda trust and follow your instincts. Funny enough I till that very day have not received it. Got the mp3s and bought the Vinyl as well as the CD directly from Sal at the Zurich show and have not removed it from my player since. In fact it is playing as I type. Great stuff. Cannot wait to hear more! 
Danzig was my first favorite band.  That led me to Type O.  Danzig's now a close 2nd.

I'm going to say that I found out on Facebook or TON.com.

Strangely enough.. I don't remember.

I probaly heard of A Pale Horse Named Death from being a big fan of Type O Negative, Biohazard and Life Of Agony. November 2010 i wanted to go see Seventh Void as i had just got there album and it blew me away, and they were supporting Monster Magnet (another of my favourites) but the weather was pretty bad in Ireland and couldnt get out of the country with the snow. Earlier this year i heard Seventh Void would be touring with A Pale Horse Named Death so getting excited was an understatment. Got to see them in last week in hamburg and Berlin, im very happy now, roll on the next tour!

I had been following Sal's progress on Facebook for awhile. Then I added him and offered to help build a web presence. Then one day he hit me up and the rest is history.Additionally, Sal is fantastic to work with. He ha absolute faith in me and Rebecca and rarely objects to anything we do web based. Additionally, he is gracious with his time whenever we want to set up some fanbase meet and greet online, or get some signed shit to geek you guys out with. Out of all the musicians I have met, none havea blacker heart, but more caring heart then Sal. He really does care about his fansbase and is passionate about his craft. The way he is makes us work that much harder to help make this band a household named like TON and LOA was.....


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