Look, we love all that is Metal.  I would rather have my eardrums stroked by APHND or Type O than eardrum rapped by Lil Wayne.  But, we all have that one band.  That one band that we owned their cd at one time, and hid it under the drivers seat of our car so no one would find it!  Own up, people!  I'll be the first one to admit it;


Hi, my name is Ross and I have Tom Waits on my Ipod. 

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Aqua! I loved them so much but never would i admit that to anyone else. If asked who i was listening to i would say Metallica or Pantera even though im pretty sure you could here 'Barbie Girl' through my earphones lol
Holy shit, Chloe!  I forgot that they even existed!  Ouch.
Electronica, industrial and the odd dance track from  bands like Pendulum, Grendel, The Prodigy, Faithless and Deadmau5
How dared you forget they existed lol. Last i heard they were coming out with a more 'serious' album not sure if that actually happened though.

Ross C said:
Holy shit, Chloe!  I forgot that they even existed!  Ouch.
They are still together making music?  Ok, time to Google!
Last i heard but that was ages ago. Tell me what you found!
Yep, new album due out at the end of the year.  I didn't realize just how popular they maintained overseas all these years.  After the Barbie Girl single, you never heard from them again in the States
I had a feeling it was. They were huge in europe dude, they released quite a few songs out here but none were as popular as the infamous 'Barbie Girl' lol
I still listed to my Run D.M.C.'s "Greatest Hits" CD from time to time! I'm the King of Rock - there is none higher! ;-) On the other end of the spectrum, I love Sade and Enya . . .
We are cut from the same cloth, kind Sir!

Adam L. said:
I suppose you have to keep in mind that my thrash tendencies (Slayer, Testament, Nuclear Assault, Pantera, White Zombie, etc.) was what the friends I had at the time also listened to, and was ALL they listened to. From their perspective they could not possibly comprehend why the hell one minute I'd be listening to Slayer "Reign In Blood", and the next minute singing along to Depeche Mode "Shake the Disease". *laugh*
Sade and Enya.  Always reminds me of being 14 and my then girlfriend always listening to that Pure Moods cd that they pushed all over tv after 10 p.m.  Man, that brings back memories!
Jesus my mum listened to them, kinda how i listened to 'em. Pure chill out music to me.


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