I was wondering what is your favorite concert you have ever attended?

My favorites are; Sentenced 1 october 2005 Oulu Finland last concert ever played by this band their old singer even joined for 5 songs of which they hadn't played 2 in about 6 or 7 years.

And one i will definitely never forget was Monsters of Rock Moskow 1991, i worked at the dutch embassy in Moskow at that time and i hadn't seen a good band in a half year and before i know it Pantera, The Black Crows, Metallica and AC/DC play at a free concert. So i went and witnessed a couple of THE best performances  i have seen.

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Any of the 13 times I seen Type O is up there.

ZZ Top in 1991 for the Recycler Tour.

PEter Gabriel in 2002 for the Growing Up Tour.

Foo Fighters in 2011.

I've been to a LOT of concerts over the years( my first was in 1977), and seen one hell of a lot of great bands- some more than once. I have to say, the BEST concert I ever saw was Alice Cooper on the From The Inside tour.I don't remember if there was an opening act or not- Alice was just that incredible. In the last 5 years or so, the best has been the Mayhem Festival( 2010 and 2011). I never got to see TON, and have yet to see APHND, though, but hopefully- soon.

Bruce springsteen in 08

Paul McCartney in 2011(yankee stadium)

Kiss either farewell tour or alive 35 tour

APHND at webster hall


i would have to say

Down @ mulcahy'sin 08( because it was the first concert mf bf took me to)

Mayhem tour w/ Slipknot

Danzig - Legacy

Paul McCartney in 2011(yankee stadium)

and of course APHND @ webster hall kicked ass \m/

TON in Prague 2007 June

The Sisters in A38 in Budapest 2011 Feb and in Utrecht 2011 December

APHND/7V Eindhoven 2011 November



Attended quite a lot of cool concerts over the years....

APHND at pumpehuset CPH Denmark 31.january 2012, was AWESOME.

Seventh Void at Aalborg metal festival 2010, I think... was insane too

and of course the 5 TON concerts and 2 Carnivore shows I've seen was some of the best and I'll never forget them.

Apart from that there's three Slayer concerts, three Testament and one King Diamond which I all remember as fantastic.... and Deicide at CopenHell 2011.... just \m/ with \m/ and even more \m/

Pink Floyd: Division Bell Tour 1994 in Washington DC.  It was my first "real" concert.....and I swear I'm still getting contact buzz flashbacks from it.  :P

Obituary in Manhattan last January.

Ghost... I couldn't see them... I went to their venue, but where were they?

Deicide in Queens in 1998.  They were playing fender strats and started a fight outside in the middle of their set.

There have been so many over the years, i could not possibly have just one favourite. I will try and narrow it down a little:

Scorpions in Liverpool 1979, my first ever metal gig. This is etched in my memory and will live with me forever.

In Flames at Hammersmith Apollo 2004, the one on the Used and Abused DVD 

In Flames at Scandinavium Gothenburg 2011. To see them in their own backyard was a very special thing for me.

In Flames at Garden Linkoping 2012. A magical night, guest passes and drinking in a pub with the band!

APHND in London 2012. After poor turn outs at the other UK dates, it was awesome to see the place packed out and everyone having such a great time.

I've been to several in my 19 years of existing and so far my favorite was seeing Godsmack at Crue Fest 2. They were crazy that night and blew everyone else away and stole the show (Plus Sully Erna came over to me, pointed at me, then tossed me his drumstick that he used in the drum battle they do.)


But I must say a few others I have been to were great as well such as:

  • Burn Halo (saw them 3 times and each time was amazing. They don't have pyro or awesome set ups like Godsmack but each of there shows have been a close second because of their energy, performance, and the fact that they are so nice & cool to hang with after shows)
  • Disturbed
  • Alter Bridge (Myles' vocal work was amazing when I saw them, how he never lost his voice is beyond me.)

Those really stand out in my mind as some of my favorites but I've been to a lot. Shame I never got to see Type O or APHND (YET lol).

1) Type O on the Least Worst Of tour.

2) Rammstein on their Sehnsucht US tour w/ KMFDM.

3) VNV Nation on their Futureperfect tour.

Deicide, Queens, 2000.
Genitortures, New Haven, Tune Inn. 1999.
Morbid Angel, New Haven, Sopa Palace. 1998.
No Doubt, Roseland Ballroom, 2002.
Nutcracker, New Hamen, Shubert, 2009.
First Annual Blacktop Barbeque Bash, Subterranean Sound Studio, Waterborough, 2011.


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