Digital version of vinyl-only song "Pick-Up Truck"?

Hey Sal (or anyone) - is there anywhere I can get a digital version of the bonus track from the vinyl version of the new album? Looking for it EVERYWHERE and can't find it, not even a vinyl rip. Dying to hear it!

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You and me both. I just bought an old school record player. I am waiting on the stylus so I can hear it. :)
I need to get this vinyl!! The only question is when!
If anyone hay and luck please let me know! Check iTunes for a purchase but no go unfortunately.

I may be wrong, but I think I think there was talk a ways back that if you buy the vinyl you get a code to download "Pick-up Truck".  Again, I may be wrong about that.  It may be a vinyl only thing.

Let me poke around and see what I can find out.

Once I know I'll definitely post here about it.


Stay tuned and thanks for the interest in it.  It's a great song, by the by.




You are most welcome, Ryan.



I checked my vinyl version, no DL option. When my needle gets here I plan to video tape pick up truck playing. :)

YouTube it if you can!

Gah, I have To Die In Your Arms stuck in my head.

Good morniong, all.


OK, official word is it is only available on the vinyl release.

No download version is available at all.  No word on if it will be available in the future, either.

You'll have to get the double LP to get "Pickup Truck".


Catch you soon.



Can I make a suggestion. If someone out there does upload to youtube don't show the link on here. I think it would be a huge disrespect to Sal and the band to point folk in the direction of what would be an illegal upload.

Yeah, man.

That wouldn't be cool.


It's all the illegal downloads and people posting entire albums that ends up killing music and starving the artist.


That's why a lot of music that's great doesn't get heard.  Labels typically don't want to back bands because of the shitty economy and the fact that they'll probably lose money with people stealing music.


Fortunately SPV has been great to us, but that's not the case for A LOT of bands.



Agreed. Just wish the track was on iTunes so I could buy it. I don't use/have a turntable.


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