Should we do covers live? Should we record some covers at some point? If so, got any suggestions?

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Black Sabbath - After All (the dead)



would be the BALLS!!!! if aphnd did this.

What about Alice Copper's Poison?

I HAVE AN idear sal do this one studio=part 2 withmaybe 3 more songs,on the horse In cocoafl!!PART 2 PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH=MAYBE A MOVIE??JUST THROWING SOME IDEARS out there man CHOW.

There are so many could put your own twist on so many songs and make them well worth listening to. Im going to stick my neck out and suggest 3 of my current favourite songs. I highly doubt any will be "covered" but hell, ima suggest them anyway haha.

1) "Father" - The Misfits

2) "What Difference Does It Make?" - The Smiths

3) "Hollow Life" - Korn

Crazy Babies by Ozzy Osbourne! Tell me Sal couldn't rock those vocals!

I think you should record covers of Geezer's 'Unspeakable Elvis' or 'Man in a suitcase' at some point. I love the material you write yourself, but I'd like to hear these two songs covered by APHND I think it would be rather cool!

It would be nice to see see a cover on the set-list but it wouldn't really bother me. Maybe something by Sabbath if you do plan to but that's for you to decide... I wouldn't go touching any Type O stuff though, everyone instantly draws the link between the two bands for obvious reasons but this has to stop somewhere, covering their songs would be a bit much. I'm just looking forward to hearing more APHND! Keep rockin'!

Hey all, not sure if you are aware, but APHND has been opening with Ground Zero by Carnivore. Check out the vids below.

King Diamond.

I was listening to Black Sabbath Symptoms Of The Universe today andcould see APHND doing a killer version with a jam session at the end. Thoughts?

Something technical.  Your band has a feel to it, but it needs something that jumps at people... Like the saxophone solo. Maybe the intro to one of those new Morbid Angel songs? Destructos vs. The Earth - Attack is so sludgy it makes me feel human again after I leave the Latin Vigil.  Your rhythm section can get that, without a doubt.

Either that or Last Walk in the Light by Seventh Void.

I like when bands do unexpected covers.  Here are a few that I think could work for APHND

Season of the Witch - Donovan

Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

One perfect lie - Gary Numan

How the Gods Kill - Danizig

Right where it belongs - Nine Inch Nails


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