Should we do covers live? Should we record some covers at some point? If so, got any suggestions?

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Helter Skelter was done by Carnivore

Music Lover said:
The beatles Helter Skelter would be a awesome song for the band to do a cover of.

THEM BONES... by Alice In Chains.

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Music Lover said:
The beatles Helter Skelter would be a awesome song for the band to do a cover of.


If your going to do a cover you have to do something NOBODY would expect you to do....That's when it's cool. But covers in general are a shortcut to thinking and filling in time. Find something cool and OLD (Think 50's) change it and then get the HORSE to kill it in it's tracks!

My inital thought was to agree to not do any covers to keep your own  I.D. But on reflection, I have had a change of mind. As one does lol the cover I think that would be ideal to bring out "The Darkness " in would be  .....House of the rising Sun by the animals

If you're planning to release some kind of record of covers to pay tribute to your influences - eg Napalm Death's "Leaders Not Followers", Pro-Pain's "Run For Cover", Hatebreed's "For The Lions", etc. - then, like pretty much EVERYONE is saying, Type-O Negative and Alice In Chains are obvious choices.


If it's just a couple of covers you wanna do to experiment, though, then in my opinion these wouldn't be good choices. Metal bands covering metal bands for the sake of it has always seemed a little pointless to me. Get outside your comfort zone, take a classic piece of music from outside your own genre, then metal it up and show the world how fucking awesome a little distorted guitar and pounding drums can make ANY song! "Cinnammon Girl" and "Summer Breeze" are two of my fave Type-O songs, and I fucking love Crowbar's version of "Dream Weaver" too. I love when a metal band makes something their own like that.

The first things that comes to mind for APHND, to me, would be some of the great downbeat Bruce Springsteen tunes like "Downbound Train" or "The River". I've always thought the lead part in "Pressure" by Billie Joel would make a sick chunky guitar riff, as well, plus the changing up and down of pace and lyrical content would loan themselves quite well to metal.

I'm with you 100% on at least waiting on TON stuff.  It should defiantly be an option later down the road, but if / when I go see you guys, it would almost be a mood killer during a show I want to rock out on.  That make any sense?  Not to say it's beneath you guys, just that it would make me think about Pete and get me "down" during a rock show.  Hell, typing this is making me think about it and get me down! LOL!


As far as just covers go, I would just do what you think is a good song, man.  Do a cover or two of some bands that have influenced you over the years.  It's your monkey to fuck Sal, so you pick 'em!

Dude, Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran!  The reason I put this is because this came up on the "Guilty Pleasures" thread and would make an awesome cover if done right and heavy! Just a tought........
I Think Type O's Are You Afraid would be a perfect fit for APHND, would love to hear that...any other Type O would be awesome too


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