Should we do covers live? Should we record some covers at some point? If so, got any suggestions?

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"Call Alice," Jefferson Starship

"Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite," The Beatles

something closer to metalcore... I'd hate to do it, I'm 26, but the kids who are younger than me are really into it, and there's really a distinct difference between the "emo" stuff and the "goth/alternative."

It's hard not to be corney.  The Carnivore intro is great, but not everyone knows it, and some who do, find it intimidating.  I like how intimidating it is.. Peter & Josh = einstien situation.  People know white slavery.  Stuff off of World Coming Down is still very alive.  Just don't play "How Could She?" Wilma Flintstone is cool, but not that cool.  I don't know.

I have no idea what your influences are or what you guys are into but i think any kind of cover of these would be interesting and cool.

Hawkwind- Assault & Battery

Billy Thorpe- Children of the Sun

Zebra- Who's Behind the Door?

Prong- Your Fear

Machines of Loving Grace- Ancestor Cult

Joe Walsh- The Confessor

I think a cover of "Paint it Black," by the Stones would be awesome.

I said this in the other "Covers?" thread, but I think a cover of "Paint it Black," by the Stones would be awesome.  I'm sure APHND could put a really awesome dark spin on it.  I mean, the song is already dark but I think APHND could own it.

bridge over troubled water

Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

yellow submarine

tanita tikaram - twist in my sobriety

I Agree, you should do your APHND stuff for first tour. It's something to be proud of, and people should hear your music. When the time comes, a cover from TON would be great. But first you should enjoy your own succes and yes, there will be succes.!!

I say sure i love bands doing covers. But do covers of bands that you admire and make them your own. Or i also like the TON way "....something soft and sweet and then totally mutilate it.... " 


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