Should we do covers live? Should we record some covers at some point? If so, got any suggestions?

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i think that if you did one or two covers live would be awesome. as for suggestions Would? from Alice in Chains, Everlong from the Foos, Dirty Black Summer from Danzig.


as for recording a cover, i would wait and put out 3 or 4 all original music and then do a cover.

how about Keith Caputo and Kenny Hickey joining them onstage during a set, if possible and playing some Seventh Void and Life of Agony songs?  Sorry if this has already been suggested as I haven't read the whole thread :/
k since we are all putting ideas how about an album of covers from Seventh void type O and
No covers.  Not yet anyway.  Just your music, it's introduction time.  Later it could be fun, and nice to see what your influences are.
I think covers are a fun way to get a live crowd goin' - I always enjoy whenever a band comes out with something unexpected! I think you'd do a killer job of "Drag the Waters" (Pantera), "Would" (AIC) or "Clean My Wounds" (COC). But I agree that songs that are an inspiration to you would be so interesting to hear, since they'd reflect your personal preference and musical background!
OK...this is going to sound off...but I bet you guys could do an awesome APHND version of "House of the Rising Sun."
If you are gonna do a cover change it up a bit. Like kiss has done with God gave rock n roll to you II and Then she kissed me.

This song would sound good APHND style
Goin' Out West! PLEASE cover it!
I would prefer  a whole set of APHND songs but that would limit how long the set would be especially on the upcoming EU headline tour as they are usually 1hr10 to 1hr30 mins long, then more songs will be needed to fill the time but which ones? 

As a concert freak since 1977, one of my favorite parts of any metal show is to see a band cover something totally unexpected- and make it thier own/rock it out. That said, I think Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire would be one hell of an interesting choice for APHND- I can SO hear you guys (in my twisted little head) doing that song like it was written for you.

Whatever you decide though,to cover or not to cover I know your shows will be amazing.


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