Well, this is actually my first time to be on the internet in almost a week.  Thought I would have broken by now, but I hung in there.  


Last Wednesday (April 27th) was my birthday.  I came home from work Tuesday night excited that I only had one more day of work before I could celebrate with my family and friends.  That was royally fucked that same night when I got a call telling my that my brother died in a car crash.  


It hurt.  Of course it would.  Your older brother that has been there all 29 years of your life dies the day before your birthday.  It works out shitty like that sometimes.  But, among the shock, denial and tears, my birthday came.  And with it, my first present of the day arrived in the mail.  My signed APHND drum head from Johnny, Sal, and the rest of the gang.  It made my day just a little brighter.  So, I would just like to say thanks again to the entire band for doing this for me.  I know it seemed like something small, but to me on that day, it was the best thing I could get.   Thanks guys.  

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oh wow so sorry...I can't even imagine how you must feeel, I have lost my uncle and grandmother but not immediate family members. It freais me out on all levels and and worry a lot. but yeah getting back to normalcy would help i imagine. good luck with all and wish you and the family all the strenght you need...cheezy it may sound but we are also here for ya
Hey bro My condolences, keep your chin up dude.....


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