Well, this is actually my first time to be on the internet in almost a week.  Thought I would have broken by now, but I hung in there.  


Last Wednesday (April 27th) was my birthday.  I came home from work Tuesday night excited that I only had one more day of work before I could celebrate with my family and friends.  That was royally fucked that same night when I got a call telling my that my brother died in a car crash.  


It hurt.  Of course it would.  Your older brother that has been there all 29 years of your life dies the day before your birthday.  It works out shitty like that sometimes.  But, among the shock, denial and tears, my birthday came.  And with it, my first present of the day arrived in the mail.  My signed APHND drum head from Johnny, Sal, and the rest of the gang.  It made my day just a little brighter.  So, I would just like to say thanks again to the entire band for doing this for me.  I know it seemed like something small, but to me on that day, it was the best thing I could get.   Thanks guys.  

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Gosh, wow! Sorry to hear this Ross. Glad this helped a little bit. Head high man.

I'm so sorry to hear this, Ross. Strength to you.


So sorry for your loss.. will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.. Hugs brotha
Thoughts are with you mate. A wee line I know helped me through a recent loss. 'To live in the hearts left behind is not to die.
It's been rough, but the worst part were the days leading up to the funeral.  After that and returning to work, it just feels good getting back to normal life.  This is the first major blow that my family has endured.  We have been lucky for many years.  Some good Type O and APHND tunes have helped me along, that's for sure.  Thanks for the kind words from everyone.

I am so sorry Ross

My Condolences.


Hey Ross, just wanted to say that i am deeply sorry for your loss.
Hi Ross.  So sorry for your loss.  I can't even imagine what you are going through. Music is great therapy.  It has helped me get through alot in life.  Again, so sorry....Kerri
I hope things look up for you soon. I know what it's like to lose someone close, and I'm sure many of us do, so you have not sympathy, but empathy from me and others.
I've left a response on your profile. My thoughts are with you Ross.
Thanks everyone.  Things are starting to get back on track this week.  Still stings, but I have a lot of good friends and family to help me and everyone else through this.  Thanks again.  Always helps to hear words of encouragement.
I'm sorry for your loss, Ross.


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