I carved some pumpkins last night and i decided to make  APHND one :) I couldn't find any stencils so i kind of winged it. If anyone has any stencils or outlines i could use i would appreciate it :) \m/



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you don't need stencils those are awesome :)
That is awesome.
Thanks :) \m/
Truly great!

So we've got APHND pumpkins, fanshirts, energy drinks,... wonder what else we come up with. ;-)

Crow shaped and in pumpkin or energy drink flavour...


That pumpkin just ROCKS. I wish I had that kind of talent.

Those pumpkins are awesome Nicole! Great job!
Thanks guys \m/
Love it, makes me want to try it!
Hey Nicole!
Just realised – why didn't you enter the photo contest with this? I think it would have had a really good chance to end up in the top 5...


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