I think A Pale Horse Named Death should make Hoodies at some point.Black with white lettering and have it like the sticker.That would be bad ass!!! Maybe have the horse running down the sleeve.Crows on on the shoulders.

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I said that to the guys when i met them at webster hall

That would be cool .I would definitely pick up one or two \m/

That would be very very lovely!!!!

just a simple black hoodie with the pale soldiers logo on the back. or the "uncle sam" on the back and the logo on the upper arms

Yes i would love a hoodie!

I would totally rock a hoodie :)

love hoodies but only for my top bands, so only have TOn and the Sisters. need a Pale Horsie one

I agree. I love hoodies. I have hoodies for TON and The Cure. 

Yes for sure i badly need a new hoodie!

Same as everyone else a hoodie would be worth having.

Do it!


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