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Has anyone pointed at you and said DUDE! \,,/, yet?
Not yet, but I'm expecting it any day now.  I have not got a chance to put a lot of time into that character due to other things, but once I do, I expect to get messages from the select ones that "get it"!

So last night, I had someone send me a whisper in-game and say "Cool name".  Not sure if they knew where it came from or not, but I at least got the compliment!


Love it!! seein this makes me wanna resurrect my sims3 file, i have an awesome peter steele lol. ive never played WoW, i think im a bit afraid to cos i get so addicted to games, id never go out of the house
You should call your guild "Casket Crew". I've never played WoW because I have  a standard video card in my laptop and it probably wouldn't run it too well. Also, don't they charge money for everything in that game??
Oh god no.  You earn gold in the game and buy stuff using that.  They will ban your account if they catch you buying or selling anything using real life currency.  The game is highly addictive.


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