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Sure Sal, you may have been in a world-known band, well known musician, writer, and drummer.  But today, you have now "made it" and became a character in World Of Warcraft!  WOOT!
Oh man that cracks me up! Even looks like him. Well, except the eyes, unless his eyes get like that when he's pissed off.
Hehe, I thought you guys would like that.  I'm actually going to keep playing that toon.  I wonder if I will ever come across anyone who will "get it".  Now, what should I name my guild when I start one?  "Life Of Agony", "A Pale Horse Named Death", or "Type O Negative"?
I'd suggest "The People's Technocratic Republic of Vinland".
ha ha
Ohhh, good call Adam!
You should have Sal hunt Mr T down and challenge him to a duel in the WoW. By the way Rebecca and I are in Lightbringer. What realm are you in?
I play in Thunderhorn.  I have been turned on to the game from my father in law, and he is DIE HARD Alliance.  I'm thinking about trying Horde out, but I know better than to do that on the same server, or he will make a point to hunt me down every time I log on! LOL!
That is sooo nerdy. I'm snickering.
I know, I'm a geek!  Give me some time and I'll make sure he get's a bad ass horse as a mount.  That's going to make a cool picture!
What kind of horses do they have these days? I haven't looked in forever. Pegasus?
A lot of people on my server get the spirit steads (ghost like, but sparkly!).  To be honest, I don't own one horse.  I've gone for all the other types of mounts like rams, mechanical chickens and big cats.  Abruscato, my death knight, will only ride a horse, and I'll try to get one as pale as I can!


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