October Rust - Type O

How The Gods Kill - Danzig

Dirt - Alice in Chains


i would also sneak in APHND of course

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World Coming Down - Type O Negative
Lateralus - Tool
Songs of Faith and Devotion - Depeche Mode
Résistance - LND
Renaissance - LND
Greed Filth Abuse Corruption - Burning Skies
Master of Puppets- Metallica

World coming down- Type O

The Doors- ANY ALBUM
Floodland-The Sisters of Mercy
Bloody Kisses or October Rust- TON

that's for today..the list changes depending on the mood
Life is Killing Me - Type O Negative
Dirt - Alice in Chains
Official Live, 101 Proof - Pantera
Dead Again - Type O Negative

I know you said 3 but some rules are meant to be broken.
ok I wanna add Far Beyond Driven to that list
Bloody Kisses~ Type O Negative
Ghosts of Loss~ Swallow the Sun
Songs of Darkness Words of Light~ My Dying Bride
Master of Puppets....Metallica
Facelift....Alice in Chains
Pretty Hate Machine...Nine inch nails

wow its hard to choose just 3 haha


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